Marriage & Relationship Counselling

All relationships have ups and downs. For people looking for professional support we are here to help.

Every individual is unique and therefore so is every relationship. Consequently we do not tell clients how to live their lives but rather assist them to develop the solutions that work best for them.

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ACCORD Dublin has approximately 60 professionally qualified, experienced relationship counsellors in 11 counselling centres located around Dublin and North Wicklow.

You can locate your centre and book directly.

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Marriage Preparation

For couples choosing to marry in Church ACCORD Dublin offers couples Sacramental Marriage preparation courses at 16 venues in and around Dublin throughout the year.

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These courses, delivered by professionally trained, experienced facilitators, are designed to help couples prepare for the ceremony itself and also for the practical and emotional aspects of their married lives together.

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Schools' RSE Programmes

In ACCORD Dublin we believe that the earlier children and adolescents are educated in an age appropriate way about relationships and sexuality, the better they will be equipped to develop positive self esteem and increase their chances of having healthy, fulfilling relationships in life.

Working in collaboration with parents and schools in over 400 primary and secondary schools around the province of Leinster, ACCORD Dublin offers holistic, age appropriate relationship and sexuality courses from 4th class in primary school to 6th year at second level. Our experience in this area is unparalleled and we continue to adapt and improve on this vital service for the children of each generation.

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Parent Talk for Primary schools

Listen to the podcast below:...

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ACCORD Dublin is Looking for Candidates to Train as Relationship Counsellors

ACCORD Dublin is currently inviting applications from people interested in becoming Relationship Counsellors....

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