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Keeping the Spark alive - The art of listening part 1

Do you ever feel that your partner does not really listen to you? Well, don’t worry – you are not alone. And chances are that at times your partner feels the very same.

For most of us, the art of true listening is a real challenge. Yet, good, attentive listening is a vital ingredient in a healthy relationship.

That is why it is crucial to focus on this very important area. You may want to feel that your partner listens to you, but are you a good listener? If you can master the art of true listening, your partner can learn from you.

How do you become a good listener? Read on and find out.

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Keeping the Spark alive - The art of listening part 2

It is a truth almost universally acknowledged, that we could all be better listeners. We have an inbuilt desire to be heard, yet we do not always meet that need in others. The couple that can listen to one another is well on their way to communicating effectively.

This exercise is designed to help you and your partner really listen to one another. Try it together and see what you think.

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Dealing with Conflict Constructively

It is normal and natural for couples to have disagreements. When disagreements turn to conflict it can be very upsetting. Some partners try to avoid conflict at all costs because they do not know how to handle it; but that doesn’t make it go away.

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