What our Courses cover

Eight modules are facilitated by two professionally trained facilitators who deliver and facilitate the ACCORD Dublin Marriage Preparation Course.

A priest also delivers and facilitates the Sacramental Module.

Christian marriage is and will always remain an ideal, a challenge. Yes it is a risk, but a risk worth undertaking, a risk that does not paralyse us, but opens out something which becomes more worthwhile as our life’s journey moves on. Marital fidelity is a reflection of the fact that God has always remained faithful even to those who fail humanly in the call to fidelity. The sacrament of marriage is not just an event on the wedding day; it is about a God who is faithful, who teaches us what fidelity means, who stands alongside us to accompany us in our weakness. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, All Hallows, 3 December 2011.

  • “We learned that we marry one another! It’s not the priest who marries us!” Tom
  • “It highlighted how important and serious it is and made me more confident in my decision to say yes!”, Mary
  • “The priest was great and reminded us of the true meaning of marriage”, Ruth
  • “A reminder that a church wedding is not just a formality on the day but that it is a sacred commitment to each other for life”. Barry


The Sacrament of Marriage brings two people together in a lifelong commitment. Marriage is one of the seven sacraments and the couple, by exchanging their vows, become the Sacrament. The couple administer the Sacrament to one another. By choosing to marry in a Catholic church the couple are becoming part of the wider faith community that will support and nourish their relationship.

“Made me reflect on how my family of origin has shaped me/my fiancée – this increased my current self-awareness”, John

The Family of Origin Module helps us to understand how our own family had an impact on who we are today. We help you to look at what you both can bring from your family of origin into your new family together.

With all the wedding planning and normal day-to-day busyness, it was refreshing to hear that marriage is making a commitment to each other and that is what it is all about;  committing to a significant other!” James

The Commitment Module helps you to understand what commitment really means.  Needs and expectations are explored and couples will gain a deeper understanding of what commitment will look like into the future.

 “I have learned that we all have different communication styles and that I should be more understanding”, Tim

The Communications Module helps us to understand how we communicate and looks at some of the barriers to good communication and how we can communicate better with one another.

“More aware of how important it is to address conflicts in an appropriate manner.” Jennifer

The Conflict Module looks at how we handle conflict and how that impacts on our relationship.  You will learn the skills to manage and resolve conflict when it arises.

“It encouraged us to be open with each other”, Sinead

The Sexuality and Intimacy Module helps you to reflect on the influences that helped you shape your sexuality and to explore the importance of, and different types of, intimacy in your relationship.

“I thought I knew more about fertility than I did”, Cara

It made me think about factors affecting fertility and how it can be helped, which I would not have considered when younger”, Sinead

The Fertility Module provides information that raises awareness of fertility and its management. The impact of fertility on relationships is also discussed.

“We spoke about how we want to raise our children; we hadn’t had this conversation before!”, Liam

The Parenting Module gives an insight into the commitment involved in being a parent and how it can impact on your relationship.

What couples say about our marriage facilitators:


“Excellent, open facilitators who were engaging, accepting and understanding”


“Excellent, kept us engaged”


“Insightful and friendly”


"Well prepared and charismatic”

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