This section covers a number of questions commonly asked by parents of primary school children.

No. They are based on the guidelines of the Department of Education and over  20 years’ experience of delivering RSE programmes in schools of all denominations, including the  incorporation of  feedback from teachers and students. See also ACCORD Dublin’s Values.

This programme deals with the emotional development of the child. It  includes  matters around self-esteem and any issues  concerning relationships with friends and family.  Physical development is included which provides age appropriate information on hormone production and physical body developments. In our experience it is a really gentle and fun way for children to start thinking about adolescence.

Yes.   We  discuss the scientific, biological facts of conception, pregnancy and child birth.

We encourage  children to be respectful and understanding towards everyone and to treat others the way they would like to be treated themselves.   If asked what it means to be gay we say that  this is when two people of the same gender fall in love with each other. We encourage inclusivity and respect.

Yes.  All of our facilitators are professionally trained.   They receive regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) involving various external agencies and have professional supervision sessions  every 6 weeks.

Yes. All our facilitators are vetted by the National Vetting Bureau (NVB).

A teacher is always present in the classroom with a facilitator.

No.  Children  in 6th class  do not need this level of information. However if a child asks verbally “what is a condom?” for example, we will say it is used by adults to prevent pregnancy and if  they want any further information we suggest that they should ask at home.