Spirituality is a broad concept and includes a sense of connection to something bigger than us. Being a spiritual person means being a person whose highest priority is to be loving to yourself and others.

Our R.S.E programme works with young people to help them identify what spirituality means to them and how they can develop their own individual spirituality through adolescences.

We help young people understand how actions and words have consequences and how making positive choices allows them to grow spiritually. We achieve this by identifying their behaviour and reflecting on the impact of it on both themselves and others. During the programme we explore how spirituality enables them to create and sustain healthy relationships by expressing and managing their emotions. Key goal of the programme is to give young people the courage to stand up for others and recognise our strength lies in in our differences when we work together. We work with them to recognise and value their own self-worth which is key to giving them the skills of self-regulation.

The programme aims to equip young people with the skills that allow them to continually develop their own spirituality and self-awareness to cope with the ongoing pressure of growing up.